Jewellery Enhance


Our Jewellery retouching team is capable of handling the complicated modifications of the images of the Jewellery with the help of image editing software. Jewellery retouching aim to raise the quality of image. Photographed Jewellery image can make more lucrative by using light & color correction, making stones brighter etc Our Jewellery editing team guarantees really eye-catching outcomes that allure people due to the brightness, deep colors and absence of photo drawbacks.

Mostly Jewellry retouching is mostly used in commercial space and as you know Jewellery photography sphere is a demanding one – it requires much time and efforts
As you may have seen that, Jewellery businessmen have to do much work to make their products to be successfully advertised. Jewellery editing must be presented in the most appealing way.

Following Services are applicable in Jewellery enhance:

Color changing
Drop shadow and mirror effect
Metal smoothing
Dust / Poor Reflection removal
Image details improvement
Unwanted elements removal
Add shinning to the gemstones
Clipping path and background removal
Fixing contrast & sharpness
Elimination of minor product defects (scratches, dents, etc)
Natural shadow adding
Picture resizing
Jewellery retouching.
Gaps repairing
Poor contrasts adjustment
Light & color corrections