Ghost Mannequins

The shirts, Sweaters etc are shot while they are worn by a mannequin. The purpose of shooting these products on a mannequin is to highlight their fitting and reduce creasing and distortion of the fabric. To replace the dummy, photographers also shoot the insides of the apparels so that they can replace the mannequin underneath. With detailing like shadow creation, labeling and color correction give it a 3D effect often referred to as Hollow man Retouching or Apparel photo editing service.

The following services are covered under mannequin:

Outsourced Image offered apparel product image editing and ghost mannequin image editing services to apparel/clothing etc businesses. We are specialized in invisible ghost mannequin photography editing and retouching services to online apparel stores.

The ghost mannequin effect play very important role in e-Commerce business. If you are not a Photographer, then you might have seen it in many ecommerce sites. But, for a fashion and product photographer, ghost mannequin is a part of life.
This effect is created by cutting out various types of mannequins from the image to get a ghostly look. It has the capability to create a positive impression among the customers in making decisions for purchasing any garment .
It is also the most cost-effective way, because you don’t need to use expensive models and wait for their schedules, moreover you also do not need costly mannequins. Mannequin helps to make your product photos look professional and lifelike holding their proper shape or figure. Such a quality product photo increases the demand of the products to the customers.
For the part time photographers, it appears difficult to create the mannequin effect, but actually it is very easy for the skilled photographers. Creating mannequin effect to the ecommerce product photo is a joint procedure of the photographer and the graphic designer.
In this article, you will know how to create mannequin effect during photography, what types of mannequins are necessary for this effect, how a designers remove the distracting mannequin maintaining hollow effect, and so on.

Apparel Product Photo Editing Services which follows the below techniques are

Ghost mannequin photo editing
Invisible ghost mannequin photo editing
Neck joint services
Neck adding/fixing services
Clothing color enhancement
Creases and scratches fixing
Brightness and contrast adjustments
Black and white effect addition
Adding white background
Stain removal from clothes
Cloth color changing
Photo editing for iron wrinkled clothes
Image straightening services
Removal of unwanted accessories
Image isolation and extraction
E-commerce image creation
Clipping path with original shadow image
Image resizing, cropping and enlarging
Cutting out images from its backgrounds
Combining front and back clothing portions
Fashion apparel image enhancement
Changing or replacing the color
Replacement of collars and neck joints
Erasing the scratches, spots, and wrinkles